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    Cleanhead's Factory


    ZapSchoul · Rives de Clausen 3 · L–2165 Luxembourg

    Cleanhead's Factory is the latest band created around Luxembourg bluesman René Cavallini, alias "Cleanhead". The objective is simple: to collectively create original and open music, starting from the blues but not denying themselves any influence. The eclectic line-up works tirelessly on the riffs, shapes the harmonies and chisels the lyrics, drawing on the singularity of each member's origins and background. The result is a resolutely blues-rock music, at once inventive, worked and accessible, with funk and jazz accents on all sides. In the studio as well as live, the band offers a sound that is as structured as it is spontaneous, fiery and full of soul.
    Line-up: Noel Boentges (vocals), René Cavallini (guitar), Valentin Crosbie (bass), Cédric Gilis (guitar), Vincent Richard (drums).

    Org.: Bluebird Music asbl & Letzebuerger Stad Brauerei SA